Re: About writing new apps from scratch

Hi Tristan,

I think I have adequately expressed here my distaste of how things
have changed since module proposal period was conveniently swept
under the rug, around the time of the release of GNOME 3.

The situation is that at some point it was considered useful to have a
broader view of changes, there are diverse reasons to that but one
that is important has been voiced by Allan Day, "Change is hard.
Established apps tend to have loyal users and extensive
functionality.", and those changes were not considered by the module
proposal period, after all, the module name was still the same.

To get back to the present situation, imagine Totem, it's now being
changed to Videos, it would have been at the discretion of the module
maintainers back then, but now the proposed change is being exposed
early on in the "Features" pages (for several cycles even, in that
case), and can be discussed on this list.

Looking quickly at important threads this cycle I notice a discussion
about Polari (why just IRC, which integration with our current parts)
and a few other mails on other features.

Surely we (== the release team in this case) have to change some
things (at least I'm not perfectly happy yet), and if you feel
participation is no longer welcome, do you have any idea of things you
would like to see?


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