Re: GTK2 Themes in GNOME 3

On Sat, 2014-02-15 at 11:29 +0200, alex diavatis wrote:

GNOME 3 GTK3 theme specifications point that themes (user-specific)
should be installed under ~/.local/share/themes.
That won't work for GTK2, and GTK2 themes are required to be installed
in ~/.themes

This is a known bug in bugzilla.gnome (cant find #) and GTK2 themes
should be accessible under ~/.local/share/themes also. 

Installing a theme (GTK2 & GTK3) both in ~./.themes and
~./local/share/themes makes Tweak Tool to show themes twice.

In my opinion this is also a security regression since users should
use root access for installing themes (!!) under ~/usr/share/themes.
When "users", add several scripts and programs that install themes.

This bug is over a year, and I know GTK2 is not actively developed,
but there are still many GTK2 apps.

Any solutions for installing GTK (2&3) themes under GNOME3, without
root privileges?

Haven't confirmed this myself, but what if you symlink ~/.themes/ to
~/.local/share/themes ? Then anything installed in ~/.local/share/themes
would also be accessible from ~/.themes/

- Ikey Doherty

Thank you

- alex

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