Suggestions for an official GNOME hosted document collaboration suite?

Hello all,

For better or for worse I've been using Google Documents for collaborative document editing but I would like to use something open-source. I'm thinking something like OwnCloud with ODT editing or perhaps something else that could be hosted by GNOME directly. I want to avoid all cloud hosted services.

Some requirements:
  • Hosted directly by GNOME or on a server provided by a GNOME sponsor.
  • Edit ODT documents or export to ODT, PDF and HTML.
  • Can integrate with the Wiki or export documents in the Wiki format.
  • Can set viewing and editing permissions and have separate folders.
  • Provides for comments, revision history and accept/reject changes.

As listed above integration with the GNOME Wiki would be awesome.  That way pages could be edited and created much faster and then published to the wiki.  This would save a lot of time and effort.

Do you have any suggestions?

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