Re: Underlying DE for the Fedora Workstation product

On Wed, 2014-02-05 at 16:00 -0500, Mike wrote:
I don't know how does the testing goes inside RedHat, but I found GNOME 3
still needs to be tested far more than now before each release. Example
above indicates that the testing process does not even consider about
existence of input context at all.

Wait a minute. GNOME is developed by a bunch of people, volunteers and
from different affiliations. Some of them are Red Hat employees to work
full time on GNOME, everybody appreciate that.  But that is not a reason
to dismiss the effort of many volunteers who work on GNOME in their
spare time.

It is known in GNOME that we lack of testers, people who take the time
to build and test the whole desktop *before* it is released. That was
also true in the GNOME 2 era.  Something that should start changing with
gnome-ostree (you should take a look at that!).

You would be very welcome to test GNOME and file descriptive bugs that
allow to improve the quality of a GNOME release.

BTW, may be a little off topic. I'm confused a bit about the target or the
goal of GNOME 3 right now. Just this morning I was told on the bugzilla
that GNOME maintainers "are not meant to be the slaves of popularity
contests". Does this imply that GNOME 3 will not target for "number-one"
free software OS? There are a lot of feature requests in the mailing list
and bugzilla by the users, and maintainers decided to drop them for
"simplicity". It seems to me that maintainers of various components do not
want it to be popular, or at least do not want to be popular among those
users who requested those features. (I'm not being hostile at this idea at
all, it's completely understandable and for sure a lot of ugliness are
introduced by "feature requests by massive users".)

If one million of flies like sh*t, it does not mean that the sh*t is

Try to walk on maintainer/volunteer shoes. Let's assume I am maintainer:

In my not copious spare time, I work on the features I would like to use
myself. I will be happy hacking on them and I will be happy using them
once they are done.  If those are good for you, great. If those makes my
application popular, great. If not, move on. I prefer to work on
something I enjoy, rather than allowing other people to set my
priorities and make unhappy in my spare time. However, I am open to
discuss fair points that make me change my priorities, but that should
not take more time than I would use for hacking.

Germán Poo-Caamaño

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