Re: Fix wrong FSF's address in in source files

On 29/01/14 09:55, Daniel Mustieles García wrote:
Hi all,

I've created several patches to fix wrong FSF's address in source files
headers. There are several modules affected by this module. You can see
this metabug for more information:

Below is the list of the affected modules so, If you agree with the
change, please let me know to apply the patch in your module. Of course,
if you want to review the patch before applying, write me and I'll
attatch it in bugzilla (can't send patches to this list due to size

Many thanks in advance for your help and best regards.

This is the list of the modules affected:



I've commented on the bug and updated the one file that needs updating. Note, the gvdb/* files are imported and won't be updated unless we update the imported code to avoid possible future upgrade conflicts.

Thanks for the initiative all,


Founder & Director @ Lanedo GmbH.

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