I want to make a Gnome PC, what integration would you do?

No not a sales terminal, but a PC, just one model, no options, that would feature gnome and a selected repository of software.
Something for users that really enjoy as it is totally built for both the software and hardware.  Something small, with modest specs, but because of our selection it would work very well with Gnome.  It would be build with a special version of Ubuntu Linux with the Latest gnome, think of it like Ubuntu Minimal with Our special selection and setup on top.
Of course the pc would be open and you cna format and do what you like with it.  But I just want to sell one model at a time and have a team to help specialize the gnome experience for users.
If you had access to a computer like this, what kind of integrations would you imagine making for it?  Colors, styles, size, etc... even the slightest feature shouldn't be overlooked.
I have access to some powerful hardware manufacturers, and I want to build and send a plan out to the companies and investors to take it further.
Jason Brower

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