Re: GNOME 3.14 Blocker Bugs (week 33)

On Sun, 2014-08-24 at 21:18 +0200, Andre Klapper wrote:
All user comments seem to be about 3.10 but none about 3.12 (yet)? Is
there any indication that this is still a problem in 3.12/3.13 code?

In any case, a comment by a g-o-a maintainer would be extremely
on that ticket (if g-o-a has maintainers). Too silent.


The problem started occurring for 3.12 users several months ago, around
April or so, then started occurring for 3.10 users more recently.

I've seen at least three or four distinct bug reports for the same
problem that haven't been marked as duplicates yet; I just picked one
with a recent comment to suggest.It seems likely that there are multiple
underlying bugs causing the same symptom (authentication dialog appears
unexpectedly and rejects valid passwords). For instance, some users
report that the authentication dialog always accepts their password on
the second attempt (I think these are 3.12 users) while for me on 3.10
my password is never accepted. Other users report that disabling
gnome-online-accounts and adding the account in evolution directly
solves the problem, someone somewhere pointed out a particular Fedora
release of g-o-a and says reverting that update resolves the issue (no I
don't remember where I read this), g-o-a developers say it's an e-d-s
bug, someone somewhere says it's only a bug with calendar.... I have no
idea what's actually going on, it seems like a confused mess to me.

Hopefully Matthew can sort it out now that he's found a problem.

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