3.13.1 tarballs due

Hey, just another reminder - tarballs 3.13.1 are due on Monday.

I think we'll have a pretty exciting first devel release, with plenty
of progress on the Wayland side - the mutter-wayland branch has been
merged, we are using the new xwayland thats coming in Xorg 1.16, the
GTK+ backend has touch support (I'm holding my thumbs that we'll get
the mutter side for touch support merged by Monday too).

Another thing that will be new in  Mondays GTK+ release is that the default for
GtkMenuButton::use-popover has been changed to TRUE. We expect that
there will be some issues with too big menus - flipping the default
early is an attempt to find and address those. If your app has a big
gear menu that is populated from a menu model, watch out for this

Finally, since nobody has taken up my plea for 3.13 features yet, here
is one, to get the discussion going:


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