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Le 2013-09-25 00:31, Allan Day a écrit :
Sticking to the topic of text selections specifically (since general
discussions on mailing lists are the road to hell) - we won't make
changes in this area unless there are clear benefits to users. I think
there is a compelling case to be made for improvements to text
selections, and it is something that people will appreciate. I also
think we can make changes without too much disruption. The devil will
be in the detail of course, and we'll have to wait for the designs to
be fleshed out before having a serious discussion.

Are you thinking of generelized way to make squared selection and so on in all GtkTextView and the like? One common case I may think of is selecting a text column in a pdf with multi-column page layout. Libre/Open-office provide a switch in the status-bar.

One may also think of regexp selection, or an equivalent regexp-crafting wizard, wich enable to select lines/paraphs containing a string. I read somewhere that gedit now support regexp search, so I guess that a large part of what's needed for enabling such a selection method is already there.

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