Re: 3.12 feature: Completing the Wayland port

On 09/24/2013 03:14 PM, Matthias Clasen wrote:
I'll make the start for discussing 3.12 features by giving an update
on the status of the Wayland port, and what work remains to be done
next cycle.

In 3.10,

- the Wayland compositor port of mutter has been developed on the
wayland branch of mutter, and we've started to make tarball releases
of the branch that are parallel installable with mutter.

- gnome-shell builds two separate binaries, gnome-shell (the X
compositor) and gnome-shell-wayland (the Wayland compositor).

- a number of direct uses of X in gnome-control-center,
gnome-settings-daemon and gnome-desktop have been ported to use dbus
interfaces provided by mutter or gnome-shell: display configuration,
idle time handling. As an example, the dbus interface for display
configuration is documented here:

- GTK+ has working client-side decorations

- gnome-session has basic support for running a Wayland session

- launching Wayland sessions from gdm does not work yet. It required
more internal restructuring than we were comfortable landing for 3.10;
you can see the current work in progress on the wip/wayland branch

- many GNOME applications will work more or less under Wayland. One
class of applications that will not work currently is anything using
clutter-gtk, see

Instructions for trying out GNOME / Wayland in jhbuild can be found
here: Unfortunately
you can't quite try it in Fedora 20, since we don't have xwayland in
our X packages yet.

For 3.12, there's still lots of things to do:

- finish the gdm support

- merge the clutter-gtk patches

- implement dnd

- lots of missing window management detai

- bring over color management support from weston

- many input handling features

- wacom support
Another item:
   - Accessibility: in that aspect accessibility port to Wayland in
really behind, compared with all the efforts done by other teams. The
only worthy improvement to mention is that at-spi2 X dependency is now
optional, but some features would be missing, as there isn't any
equivalent Wayland implementation. Next step would be test at X-free
at-spi2 on wayland, to see if at least is functional, and how many
features are missing. Mouse tracking would be lost for sure, but
probable more.


Alejandro Piñeiro Iglesias

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