3.12 feature: GNOME Software

Matthias started with a mail about Wayland, it seems a good idea to do
the same for GNOME Software:

In 3.10,

 - We have a "technical preview" that includes desktop categories,
featured applications, and long descriptions for some apps. Installing
and removing are performed using the system PackageKit instance and
updates are performed using offline updates where available. To say so
myself it's impressive this much works after working on it for just a
couple of months, but a lot is still pretty hacky.

- Most of the time, gnome-software starts quickly, but sometimes
taking 10+ seconds on some PackageKit backends

- On some distributions, we have basic fonts previews in the addon category

- On some distributions, we have input methods in the addon category

For 3.12,

- We need to start the application in *all* circumstances in less than
1 second. No flicker, no loading bar.

- All GNOME modules need to have validated AppData[1] so we can show a
consistent details page for all core applications

- We need ratings, comments and screenshots in all GNOME (and
non-GNOME important applications, e.g. GIMP, Inkscape, etc).

- We probably need better categories than the menu-spec gives us.

- We need to properly work on the shared AppStream specification for
fonts and input methods so we can share this between distributions.

- We need to do something more sane about fonts, something like the
new mockup[2]

- We need to support packaging systems like Glick and Listaller so we
can install test applications per-user.

- We want to centralize all the update parts, possibly in a split
app/daemon model which Matthias has been playing with.

- We want to show Firefox webapps and things in the Chrome store.
Epiphany web applications are in the same category too. If you're an
expert here, we'd love some help.

- We need to start thinking about allowing donations for applications,
be it a centralised model where everyone gives to gnome.org, or a
decentralised model where random developers get money from PayPal or
bitcoins from random people.

If you're interested on working on any of these bits, please either
grab me on IRC (hughsie) or file a bug in bugzilla with details of
what you want to work on. Bugzilla [3] already has quite a few open
bugs about missing functionality, so feel free to pile on there with

And for all those who've already committed validated translated
AppData files for your modules; thanks. For those who haven't done it
yet; get busy. ;)


[1] https://wiki.gnome.org/GnomeGoals/AppDataGnomeSoftware
[2] https://raw.github.com/gnome-design-team/gnome-mockups/master/software/version2/software-fonts.png
[3] https://bugzilla.gnome.org/browse.cgi?product=gnome-software

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