GNOME keyboard layout handling problems

Hi everyone , I want to raise some issues I'm having , as a user from a non-english-speaking country .

1. Disabling ctrl+shift , alt+shit , etc. shortcuts for switching between layouts is IMO a step back in usability . Not to mention that everyone and their grandma is used to switch layouts with the now depricated in GNOME shortcuts , but the new default is just not easy to use on some keyboards (my laptop for example) . And as far as I've seen the main reason to change the behaviour like that is not to interfere with shortcuts in the apps (and shell) like the ctrl+shift+T to revive a tab in Firefox . But that's just not a viable argument - the shortcut should be evaluated at key release , which means there's no conflict between said shortcuts .

(I know I can switch back with the Tweak tool but that's not the point)

2.There's a bug I posted about some weeks ago , that affects the case "Qt5 application on GNOME" . And since I use QtCreator and Qt5 this affects both the IDE and my apps . And as a user with more than one layout this affects me pretty heavily . Here's the thread on the GNOME list : (no reply)
, and on the Qt development mailing list :


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