Re: Opening the 3.12 cycle

Le 2013-09-23 14:33, Matthias Clasen a écrit :

But maybe there are other things that people are working on, or want
to work on for 3.12 ? Now is the time to make your ideas known, and
turn them into concrete plans.


I know this has been already discussed a lot, but application menu is currently broken.

There are some well-known issues, such as :
- multi-screen (application menu is really single screen oriented)
- focus follows mouse unfriendlyness

But the main concern imho is that the behaviour is completely inconsistent between applications.

Let’s say we have 4 types of application :
1) single window, single instance application (example : shotwell). These ones fits well with the application menu 2) multiple windows, single instance applications (example : epiphany/web). These ones also fits well with the application menu model, but there are inconsistencies between applications. 3) single window, multiple instance applications (example : gnome-calculator). These ones are a mess. 4) multiple windows, multiple instance applications (example : inkscape). These ones are also a mess.

Testing with gnome-3.8 on a debian sid/experimental (maybe some issues have already been fixed in 3.10, but in this case i missed them), we have the following behaviours :

gnome-terminal (2):
- opening multiple windows : using quit on application menu only closes active window

gnome-web, nautilus (2):
- opening multiple windows : using quit on application menu closes all windows

gimp (2) :
- application menu is not available when focus is on a tool window
- "Application Menu"->"Quit" doesn’t quit. It does a « close all », which closes all images but doesn’t quit gimp.

evince (2) :
- no quit button in application menu

gnome-calculator (3) :
- Mode only affects current window (note : this is agains design guidelines. Maybe it should be fixed at the gnome-calculator level). - switching mode, then switching window makes application menu inconsistent with current application state
- quit only quits current window

inkscape (4) :
- using "File"->"Quit" quits only current process
- using "Application Menu"->"Quit" quits all processes.

I’m wondering how anyone can explain such behaviour differences to a user, during a training for example.

IMHO, gnome-web / nautilus behaviour should be the standard. Multiple instance application should be made single-instance, multiple window (note that i am talking about instances, not processes. empathy is an example of single-instance, multi-process application), and should follow the same scheme as nautilus.

So, here are the goals i would like to be added (by order of importance) :

1) complete the following page : , with a description of the standard application menu item, the required ones (« quit » should be mandatory imho), and the expected behaviour for the applications, whether they are single or multi-process, single or multi-window.

2) Fix gnome applications that are not following the guidelines on application menu behaviour.

3) make applicaction menu multi-screen friendly. The MacOSX way (duplication of the menu bar on each screen) is ugly, but at least it’s more user friendly than nothing. Having the application menu on a different screen than the application window is definitely not a good idea.

4) make focus-follows-mouse and application menu work well together (this one is less important, since it only concerns a minority of users).



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