When we look for Gnome Improvements.

There are more important things than Facebook or Twitter.

If I was looking for Gnome improvements, I would look at being the ability to create and tag manage tags for object.

So, if I was doing an application, called  bigapp, I might like to create a tag which would identify terminal mode, codebreaker,
a linux help file, etc as being tagged and show in a popup request. (Look at what I can do with Android to make my own widgets) 

If I was to create a tag called music1, I would like to tag the music player and the directory in which my music1 tagged selections were stored.

And I would like to be able to selectively clear the "Frequent" side of the Activities display.

And if I was a "lefty", I would like to be able to place the favourites bar on the right side of the screen.
And I would like the option of having the user id appear when that user is the one presented on the screen.  Not everyone wants to have a name hidden, unless you force different background images per user.  For each application I work on, that needs some separation, I create a unique logon on my desktop. (encryption, ERP, Social, Guests, Leslie as an example­. It is a real PITA when the logon name is not always present.

And I would like to have a much more attractive login screen.  I was searching for one where similar to what Mint14 offered, but with the option of an analog clock on the right inside of that logon list.

Yes, there are many small usability projects to review and reconsider.  For example, a  GUI tar command would be nice, and some other functionality that would not require me to use command line mode.

Three of the most useful tweaks should be made permenant. One of them is places. The second is the extended hybernate, sleep, switchuser, etc. menu and...
One where one can set F12 (or Fxx) so that the terminal mode is opened for the top 35% of the screen.  This latter tweak is a little jewel of a tweak. I can start a background task, hit f12, and the screen rolls up. Later I can toggle F12, see the progress made, and toggle F12 again.  Congratulations to that author.


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