Re: App menu Help/About consistency

On Tue, 2013-11-26 at 06:50 +0100, Rick Opper wrote:
So, an app can be kept running without any windows open then? Like on a
Mac where all windows are closed but not the app? In that case, the
app-menu would have QUIT, the window-menu would have CLOSE and SAVE, but
then which one would have OPEN and NEW? would NEW be split? -> NEW
WINDOW in app-menu, NEW DOCUMENT in window-menu?

just being the devil's advocate... I have often quit my browser when I
wanted to just close the current window. I don't think that's an issue
with QUIT. Quit should kill the app. the X button should close the
window. Maybe the app should quit it's self if there are no windows

If we're going to have apps running with no windows then we need a way
for users to see what's running - as opposed to what's open. QUIT would
need to be both in the app-menu AND the context menu for apps in the
dash... or something like that...

No, closing the last window of an app does not leave it running in the

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