Re: gnome-control-center/panels/wacom - button mapping panel

Hi Przemo,

On Sun, Apr 28, 2013 at 5:33 PM, Przemo Firszt <przemo firszt eu> wrote:

I hope to do some work on wacom tablet button mapping in gnome control
center. First mockup of new individual button mapping panel:

1. Change existing panel to simple button list + add a new panel
activated after clicking on a button (mockup)

I tend to dislike vertical tabs but I can see how having a dedicated
panel per button is useful if we want to show that many options.

2. First version would include only existing or already coded features -
single keystroke, on screen help, monitor switch, OLED labels matching
mapping. The last one is waiting for review on bugzilla.

I understand that the label/icon's only purpose would be to show up
the on screen help, is that right?

3. Add option to edit label i.e. to show "Save" instead of "Ctrl-S" on
4. Add option to select an icon instead of label.

I can see how having a label might be good (especially if we had those
keystrokes sequences), not so much for the icons though.

5. Implement keystroke sequences.

I can also see how this might be useful for some users but I am sure
the design folks aren't going to like it as it might be too
complicated for other users. Perhaps choosing a file/script to be run
could replace the necessity of implementing the keystroke sequences
ourselves but I'm sure the design team will find it equally funny.
Maybe all these and other "advanced" features should belong in a 3rd
party app for power users, outside of g-c-c.

BTW, do you know we're thinking of implementing per-app bindings? I'm
waiting on the design team to tell me how advanced it should/could be
so I implement it:

Thank you for your ideas!


Joaquim Rocha

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