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Hi Pavel

On 2013-03-10 17:08, Pavol Klačanský <pavol klacansky com> wrote:
I do translate some pieces into Slovak language and I would like to ask
to stick to this rules:

There are already guidelines for developers:

Maintainers and developers are encouraged to follow those guidelines:

1. when string is used more than once in a project, hence (in .po file
only once), always add context to each occurrence

You missed a “… if the strings are used in different contexts” at the end of that guidelines. See:

It seems like bad advice to suggest that identical strings should have different contexts as a matter of policy, but I guess that is not what you meant.

2. plural forms should be everywhere in case you have "%d bytes" or
something like that

3. please, do add comments wherever it is necessary (from point of view
of translator)

You will save us and yourselves a lot time, because then we do not need
to report so many bugs to request comment or context.

Developers often rely on bug reports from translators to point out problems with translatable strings, especially in the cases that you mentioned. Please continue to report bugs for any issues that you find, and I am sure that developers will be happy to improve their projects.


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