gir versioning


I'm running G3.6, and have updated gnome-desktop to 3.7.90 to test it. After that, gnome-shell doesn't start anymore, crashing in libgnome-desktop: [ 2085.503935] gnome-shell[9772]: segfault at 4 ip 00000000eb0eb4b1 sp 00000000ffc86bf0 error 6 in[eb0cb000+32000]

The problem seems to be that gnome-shell 3.6 links to (from G3.6) but the gir package loads (from G3.7.90).

This is just an example with shell and libgnome-desktop, but the problem likely applies in other cases.

I wonder if there's a way to avoid this. Perhaps we could bump the version of the gir whenever the SONAME changes, so that we would have e.g. GnomeDesktop-3.0.typelib for G3.6, but GnomeDesktop-3.8.typelib for G3.8. I'm not quite sure if that would help or not, as I'm not familiar with introspection stuff. The idea is 'encode' the SONAME in the gir too, so that we can a) have multiple versions installed simultaneously, and b) the right version is loaded to avoid cases like this.



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