Re: Possible to fix glaring Gjs API issues before GNOME 4?

Il giorno gio, 28/02/2013 alle 01.51 -0800, Simon Feltman ha scritto:
On Thu, Feb 28, 2013 at 12:04 AM, Martin Pitt <martin pitt ubuntu com>
        Nikita Churaev [2013-02-27 23:26 +0400]: 
        > 3. Gtk.TextBuffer.set_text(text, length) --- length argument
        is useless,
        > since JavaScript uses UTF-16 and length expects length of
        UTF-8 string.
        I'm afraid we have to live with little oddities like this. I
        it's better to stay compatible with the C API and its
        and all currently existing JavaScript program which use the
        API than
        breaking API and continuously chasing after weird cases like

I don't think skipping the length arg in this case could work even if
API breakage was acceptable. I assume a skip implies a value of zero
is used and in this case that would not work. A better alternative
would be default value support. This way the oddity can be avoided in
client code without breaking API and in general would be a very nice
feature. However, new code using this would need to specify it only
works with advanced versions of GLib or the libraries providing


Uhm, I thought JavaScript ignored extra arguments to a function:

$ gjs
gjs> function f (a) { };
gjs> f (1, 2, 3);
(no error)

Then, why not changing the JS API to provide only 
"Gtk.TextBuffer.set_text (text);"?

It would break no existing code.

In turn, *.set_text(text) calls the non-exported, "private",
two-argument version, by computing the right UTF-8 length.

Something like:

let (f = Gtk.TextBuffer.set_text)
  Gtk.TextBuffer.set_text = function (text)
     var l = ... // get the right "text" length for UTF-8
     return f (text, l);

That way, you also solve a lot of programming errors in locales other
than C, providing an easier interface.

You just need a couple of overrides to do so. Similar functions would be
trivial to manage.

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