Re: Switching Between Applications in Gnome 3

For me Ctrl+PGUP/PGDN is to browse in order the tabs. Alt+Tab has
carried more a "recently used", or "history" semantic, so I don't think
they're the same.

Hmm. Sounds sane!
Just saw you're right, some applications are already implementing
Ctrl+Tab that way, like Firefox and Thunderbird. Looks like I have an
unusual expectation on the semantics bewind the Tab key.

Also correct.

At least, Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab should work. Similiar to Alt+Tab and
so your "recently used" approach sounds nice. On the other side, a lot of
people will expect
the "Firefox/Chrome/Thunderbird"-Semantic. But using Ctrl+Tabs as
"recently used tab" sounds pretty :-)

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