I think I found an error in libwnck the name_changed and icon_changed function pointers appear to take the wrong type

To the libwnck devs

yeah in class-group.h _WnckClassGroupClass is defined as follows in 3.4.5

struct _WnckClassGroupClass
  GObjectClass parent_class;

  void (* name_changed) (WnckApplication *app);
  void (* icon_changed) (WnckApplication *app);

  /* Padding for future expansion */
  void (* pad1) (void);
  void (* pad2) (void);
  void (* pad3) (void);
  void (* pad4) (void);

shouldn't they take WnckClassGroup pointers not WnckApplication one's as it's the first arg so that should be the this or self pointer

maybe this is already fixed up stream I can't tell as I cannot find anything earlier than 3.4.5 is there a githup or similar repository I could look at

anyway thanks for what looks to be a great library.


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