PERT and CPM algorithms and utilities


I've been writing a task management app, and I want it to be able to
handle PERT, CPM, WBS data, etc. Take some user-defined data, run
algorithms and return results, which can then be displayed bu GUI, e.g.
Gnome Planner.

While sitting in boring lectures I already started writing and planning
algorithms, and then I realized: what if there's a standard library for
these utilities, and then writing software for project management is
much easier and avoid all the math and algorithms?

Before I proceed and implement the algorithms in C/C++, I'd like to
know: is there a standard tool for that? As far as I know, all programs
implement their own code for that, including Planner.

Does Planner have a document explaining the algorithms it uses, or some
freely available resource on which it bases the code? And is there's a
free software library for these things?

If not, I'll write one. It's a waste of time for GTG, Planner and many
others to write their own widgets and algorithms, since many things are
common (dependency graphs, gantt, etc.) to many tools and by making the
low-level part available out of the box, writing this kind of software
will require much less wheel reinvention.


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