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On Fri, 2013-07-05 at 11:08 +0100, Emmanuele Bassi wrote:
1) For applications that retain a traditional menu bar, there's
inconsistency in whether options added to the app menu are also removed
from the traditional menu. E.g. Gedit and Totem (3.6/3.8) removed Help,
About, and Preferences from their traditional menu, but Terminal, Eye of
GNOME, and Aisleriot have left them where they were (so they're now in
two places). We need to pick one method and use it consistently.

yes. file bugs against applications that do not move them consistently.

when in doubt, ask the maintainers and the designers to talk and clear
out any doubts.
At least Evolution doesn't want to do this [1]

I personally think it's a bit silly to have the same menu item available
in two menus, but the concern about "butchering menus" is very
reasonable. I suspect bugs against Terminal/EoG/Aisleriot will go
similarly, so I hesitate to file them in the absence of more official
guidance. In fact, the HIG draft [2] expressly says that commonly-used
app menu elements can be duplicated elsewhere, and there's no mention at
all of prohibiting the elements in the traditional menubar. So the draft
clearly does need clarification. (You said this should be discussed on
IRC, but that doesn't seem right for something that affects several
programs. I guess this list is the closest we have to a design list?)

I really hope we can agree on and enforce a solution that provides
consistency between apps that retain traditional menubars. Maybe it'd be
easier to agree on duplicating the items than moving them.

Happy Monday!


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