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On Fri, 2013-07-05 at 11:08 +0100, Emmanuele Bassi wrote:
1) For applications that retain a traditional menu bar, there's
inconsistency in whether options added to the app menu are also removed
from the traditional menu. 

yes. file bugs against applications that do not move them consistently.

when in doubt, ask the maintainers and the designers to talk and clear
out any doubts.
OK. It might be easier to persuade developers if I could link to
something more authoritative than a list email for support, though. And
insofar as the WIP HIG [1] covers this issue, it actually recommends
duplicating items that are frequently used, though it's not clear that
applies to traditional menus. (Perhaps the HIG authors were thinking of
toolbar buttons instead?)


2) Some apps still don't have an app menu.

again, file bugs.
Allan filed bugs last year. See e.g.

file bugs. the HIG on the wiki says:

Items that should be placed in the application menu if they are available
include New Window, Full Screen, Preferences, Help and About.

if the HIG needs to be clarified, hop in #gnome-design on, and ask where to file bugs.

Oh -- that looks helpful. I didn't know about it since I've only looked
at the official HIG. Based on that, I guess I will go with 


Though a lot of apps, like Nautilus and Documents, are instead using

About <Program>

Is this not the right list to bring up design issues? I couldn't find a
design list.

'Save' is clearly a per-window option: you're saving *that* game.
'Open' is debatable, though I'd probably recommend using it in the
window as well. you could simply have 'New Game' in the app menu and
open a dialog that lets you choose between a new game, a recently
opened/saved game, or to explicitly open a saved game.

in any case, you should bring this discussion to the design team, as
it will improve the HIG recommendations.

Hm, I think it'd be confusing to have New Game do anything other than
start a new game....

the actions API is also being moved under, alongside
with other application-related features; there's also a wiki page
detailing the DBus API we use, and how to access the various objects
representing actions on the session bus in order to construct the
That looks great; I had no idea. Hopefully an easy path to app menus for
apps that aren't Gtk+ 3. I don't think it does any good to other apps as
long as it's a "private implementation detail of GApplication," though,
so I hope it's finalized soon.



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