Re: Is gnome fully compliant with freedesktop sepc? Any know issues?

2013/1/18 jupiter <jupiter hce gmail com>:
>>  in general, if you want to set environmental variables, you should env command.
> I am not to set environment variable, but to use environment variable
> in desktop entry file. Or did you mean you can set up env command in
> desktop entry file?
>> Can you show full Exec line you used?
> I have following variable in desktop entry file, it works in KDE and
> Thunar, but failed in Nautilus.
> Path=$HOME
> The error was "Failed to change directory $HOME (No such file or directory).
> I have seen some examples to use $HOME in desktop entry file such as
> following link. Was I wrong that $HOME can never be used in desktop
> entry file?

Using environment variable is not part of the specification. It is an
extension done by KDE.

Frederic Crozat

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