Re: Is gnome fully compliant with freedesktop sepc? Any know issues?

If a GNOME module implements published FreeDesktop specifications, such as the desktop entry specification, or the menu specification, it should always be specificiation-compliant. Of course, bugs in implementations are always possible, and if you have issues with any of our implementations, please file bugs in Bugzilla.

Now, on the specific question about the "desktop specification", I cannot find a part of the specification that requires parsing of environment variables. In fact, it says [0]:

    The name or path of the executable program may not contain the equal sign ("="). Arguments are separated by a space.

So, it is required behavior that we do not parse environment variables in Exec lines, and that we abort on any Exec line that has an equals sign.


On Fri, Jan 18, 2013 at 12:28 AM, jupiter <jupiter hce gmail com> wrote:

A year ago, I developed an application menu system based on
freedesktop spec for Linux desktop system. Unfortunately, it did not
work in gnome, but works perfect on xfce and kde. I was not clear if
gnome is not compliant with freedesktop spec, or if gnome uses its own
desktop spec. Even today, if I switch from thunar to nautilus file
manager, the desktop launcher cannot run due to it could not interpret
environmental variables such as "path=$HOME".

But I could be missing some thing in gnome as well. I am currently
look for if we can run the menu system in gnome and appreciate any
comments and helps.

Thank you.

Kind regards.
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