On Sun, 2012-12-30 at 17:50 +0100, Andre Klapper wrote:
> mentions 3.6 (past), the Fedora one seems to be
> offline, and the Debian one has not been updated since October.

There are a couple of things here - one thing I want to emphasize here
(I mentioned this too in the Boston Summit), is that it's really, really
important that we keep "jhbuild up to gtk+" working.

Allowing application developers to test their apps against newer
versions of the GTK+ stack is extremely important for getting feedback
before APIs are fully stabilized, etc., without forcing them to
overwrite their stable distribution entirely.  Also, jhbuild makes it
easier for application authors to *contribute patches*, something the
distribution package model makes way too hard.

It's therefore quite important that we have and maintain jhbuild-based
autobuilders on at least the latest Ubuntu and
However, a scalable way to maintain this requires a *group* of people
who are able to control the build servers without blocking on the
sysadmin team to (for example) install packages that are jhbuild

for how I think we can scale infrastructure better.

But personally I don't run jhbuild past gtk+ much myself anymore because
I use gnome-ostree for hacking on GNOME.

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