On Sun, 2012-12-30 at 19:09 +0100, Giovanni Campagna wrote:
> 2012/12/30 Jasper St. Pierre <jstpierre mecheye net>:
> > Can we just redirect to ?
> >
> > Having it build apps or something like that on top of its root tree as a
> > separate build process would be nice.
> FWIW, I'm currently testing building core apps with ostree, as well as
> fixing ostree enough to be dogfoodable for me. I'll report back when I
> have it finished, but so far it seems to work.
> However, there is still a value in keeping jhbuild running, as
> application development with jhbuild is a lot faster than
> ostree/ostbuild, in particular given the "setup costs" of building the
> entirety of gnomeos just to get running. This until we have an SDK and
> application story...

I think our best bet for a usable SDK would be something that sets up a
QEMU instance on top of OSTree with a click and updates with a single
click/command as well (which, as I understand it, is basically how the
Android and iOS SDKs work). Being able to build against a single set of
pre-built binaries should dramatically lower the trouble of getting
started with development on Gnome.

Every time I start a new jhbuild build tree, it's a very long and
painful process. And every full-tree update is a big risk.


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