Re: Re,keyboard bugs (Re: Touch & Mobile)

anish patil <anish developer gmail com> writes:

> To expedite caribou bux fixing and future development work, as Daiki
> Ueno already written eekboard which has more i18n features. I would
> like to see Daiki Ueno as new Caribou maintainer :)

Well, just wanted to note that I'm unworthy of taking over the
maintainership.  I'm not a Caribou contributor nor a GNOME developer.
Also, honestly, eekboard was my shame since it was my first
GObject based program.

By the way, if there will be a feature aiming at a rework of GNOME OSK
(make the design closer to the initial mock, support input method
specific keyboard layouts, etc), I'd love to help in any way.

Daiki Ueno

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