Re,keyboard bugs (Re: Touch & Mobile)

>Allan Day <allanp    gmail com> writes:

> Things aren't so good with the on-screen keyboard. It hasn't been
> touched for a while, and Caribou seems to be unmaintained. So it would
> be extremely helpful f anyone wants to do some work in this area. The
> bug tracker is in a fairly good state for this component [3].
>Daiki Ueno writes
>FWIW, I went through the bug list (and related caribou bugs) and tried
>to add comments if possible.  In my opinion, it would be nice if the
>first 4 bugs are fixed before the release, since they are easily
>reproducible and directly impact UX.
To expedite caribou bux fixing and future development work, as Daiki Ueno already written eekboard which has 
more i18n features. I would like to see Daiki Ueno as new Caribou maintainer :)

Anish P.

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