Blocker bug status

Here is another blocker bug review, on the eve of the hard code freeze.

There are currently 27 bugs that are marked as 3.6 blockers.

There is a bunch of libsecret migration [1] bugs. These are not
_really_ blocking 3.6, so I propose that we drop these from the
blocker list if they don't get resolved for .92:

679918 epiphany
679855 evince
679851 gnome-shell
679866 libsoup
679870 tracker
679849 NetworkManager

There is a single bug of the doc infrastructure migration [2] left.
While not really blocking 3.6, getting this out of the way would let
us drop the old documentation infrastructure modules altogether, which
would be a nice achievement:

683354 Port to new documentation infrastructure

The next group is gstreamer 1.0 migration [3] bugs. A look at the goal
page reveals that there is more than these two left, among the
applications. A new round of gstreamer beta releases has happened
recently, so it would probably be a good idea to revisit these bugs
again and see if we can make progress here:

674179 empathy
680424 tracker

High priority issues for the new message tray feature [4]:

682243 (gnome-shell) First tray item is always selected when opening
with super+M
682255 (gnome-shell) top left corner turns cold when message tray is displayed
683546 (gnome-shell) notification does not work with new message tray

High priority issues for the Input Sources feature [5]:

681685 (gnome-control-center) Allow setting shortcut based only on a
combination of two modifier keys, eg. Alt+Shift
682314 (gnome-shell) input sources: add hiragana/katakana items to
keyboard status menu

High priority issues for the Lock Screen feature [6]:

683060 (gnome-shell) Impossible to unlock screen if not using GDM
682429 (gnome-shell) gdm => session transition doesn't look very good

Bugs related to the nautilus redesign:

680849 (nautilus) Selection should be preserved when search is cancelled
682836 (nautilus) possible performance regression with large directories
682395 (gnome-themes-standard) Nautilus tabs have black background

Miscellaneous serious bugs:

681475 (gnome-control-center) Event area not allocated correctly for
monitor layout
683807 (gnome-keyring) gnome login blocked if ~/.pkcs11/modules/nss exists
679151 (gnome-settings-daemon) Consumes 100% CPU (NumLock)
680689 (gnome-settings-daemon) power: enforcing lid close
682830 (gnome-shell) 3.5.90: keyring prompt can't be confirmed or cancelled
683918 (gnome-shell) 3.5.91 fails to populate applications
680980 (gtk+) Code that gives me a spinner in gtk+ 3.4.4 does not in 3.5.8
666749 (tracker) Empty window in LANG=ko_KR.UTF-8

This looks like a lot of bugs, but many of these have patches already,
and we also have a lot of people who can help out. Please chime in
with patch review and testing.
Lets make 3.6 the best GNOME 3 release yet !



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