Re: GNOME 3.6 Blocker Report (T-16d)

On 08/09/12 09:20, Frederic Peters wrote:
Hello all,



  - Empty window in LANG=ko_KR.UTF-8
    Martyn Russell explained it's difficult in the previous blocker bugs
    report; no progress.

I really don't see any easy way to help this bug. It's _THE_ bug I want fixed too :/

  - libsecret migrations
    Patch in discussion; Martyn Russell said he would look into it.

  - Port to gstreamer 1.0
    Patch in progress.

So, with libsecret and the gstreamer-1.0 bugs, they would likely be applied to master and ready for a 0.15.x unstable release and/or 0.16.x

This isn't going to make Tracker in GNOME 3.6. AFAICS. We didn't do a 0.15.x release at all yet.

We also generally don't depend on libraries until they're available in distributions and GStreamer 1.0 hasn't been released yet IIRC.


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