GNOME 3.6 Blocker Report (T-16d)

Hello all,

We are now well frozen, it's more than time for a new blocker report;
have a look at the list below and do note the list below is not
necessarily complete.

Feedback, updates, help from packagers, developers, maintainers,
contributors, etc. is welcome. Please do speak up if some important
bugs are not listed here, or if some tickets should not be blockers.

Note: This list also includes open reports that still have a 3.4 target.



 - Port to new documentation infrastructure
   Last bit of the 'new doc infra' goal, patch available.


 - Port to GStreamer 0.11/1.0
   Empathy is now ok, bug still open to track availability of farsight
   releases and some GStreamer bugs.


 - libsecret migration
   Rough unfinished patch available.


 - New background "Stamps" with a stamp of Marshal Tito


 - Wireless list - arrow button is undiscoverable and hard to activate
   No activity here.


 - Port to new documentation infrastructure
   Last bit of the 'new doc infra' goal, patch available.


 - gnome-session no longer starts desktop files under

 - shell crashed at login and ended up in a dead end session
   One more patch left to do. Ray?


 - Maximum 3D size limitations
   Owen has now looked into this and Adam Jackson provided for a patch for
   gnome-session, as I understand it, it still needs some patch to gsd.

 - power: enforcing lid close


 - restart by typing "r" in the gnome-shell run-dialog 2x in one minute
   brings up the "oops" window

 - Be able to ask for IM account password

 - Alt-F2 + mouse middle button paste causes freeze
   No progress here.

 - libsecret migration
   Rough unfinished patch available.

 - 3.5.5: Lock screen shows password for a few characters / max 1 second

 - top left corner turns cold when message tray is displayed

 - 3.5.90: keyring prompt can't be confirmed or cancelled

 - Impossible to unlock screen if not using GDM
   A patch is now available so the user at least doesn't get stuck at the
   lock screen. Lockscreen functionality is still lost for users that are
   not running GDM 3.6.

 - 3.5.90 - Nine dot application ICON drops off Dash

 - 'tray' button doesn't work with new message tray

 - notification does not work with new message tray


 - Nautilus tabs have black background


 - [0.11] pulsesrc breaks when reconfiguring
   Blocker for Empathy.

 - v4l2src breaks after renegotiation
   Blocker for Empathy.


 - [regression] crash on exit
   Patch available. Help welcome to bisect and write a test case for the
   TreeView test suite.

 - smooth scrolling could do with some optimizations
   There has been a commit that could help, needs confirmation.

 - Commit 7603e6e4 breaks setting "background-image" from cairo pattern

 - Code that gives me a spinner in gtk+ 3.4.4 does not in 3.5.8


 - drop SoupPasswordManagerGNOME
   Related to the libsecret migration.


 - GtkWindows (comboboxes, menus, etc.) do not show up on primary display
   Partial fix committed.


 - Selection should be preserved when search is cancelled

 - find-as-you-type search preselects last match

 - possible performance regression with large directories


 - libsecret migration
   Patch available.


 - Port to new documentation infrastructure
   Last bit of the 'new doc infra' goal, patch available.


 - Empty window in LANG=ko_KR.UTF-8
   Martyn Russell explained it's difficult in the previous blocker bugs
   report; no progress.

 - libsecret migrations
   Patch in discussion; Martyn Russell said he would look into it.

 - Port to gstreamer 1.0
   Patch in progress.

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