Re: Recommended office suite?

Mattias Eriksson wrote:

> I noticed that the Gnome Ubuntu flavor will not ship libreoffice, but
> instead only ship Abiword and Gnumeric. I was surprised by this, since I
> think libreoffice is the best office suite for linux and it has quite good
> gnome integration. The motivation for this is that they want to provide a
> pure gnome experience, and these applications are referenced in the
> gnome-app module set. However, I haven't seen any talk about Abiword and
> Gnumeric on the gnome mailinglists or on for quite a while
> (I actually was under the impression that these projects had been
> abandoned).

While I do not actively follow the development of abiword, I can
assure you gnumeric, and the goffice support library, are still under
active development, with several active commiters.

As a personal preference I use gnumeric over LibreOffice Calc and it
does have all the features, and more, that I want. Give it a try. But
I use LibreOffice Writer, it works great and fits the environment.

> I'm also under the impression that there are a lot of support
> for LibreOffice in the Gnome community, and I was told that "Documents" has
> a dependency on it (causing Documents not to be included in the Gnome
> Ubuntu flavor).

I do not know of such a dependency.

> So my question is: What is the recommended office suite for a pure gnome
> experience? What has been talked about for the up coming Gnome OS?

GNOME by itself doesn't ship an office suite. You have seen the
different projects, some are closer to GNOME, for technical or personal
reasons, but none are officialy endorsed <>

If you like LibreOffice, certainly Ubuntu doesn't prevent you from
installing it, and it will work, don't worry about it, and please do
not worry about what is "pure" or not.

As for "GNOME OS", it is primarily intended as a platform for testing
and development, not the system where you'll do your daily work in
spreadsheets and text documents; there is much to resolve there before
we get to talk about an "official" office suite.


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