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Quick status of this GnomeGoal [1]: only 4 core modules are remaining
to complete this:

- mousetweaks (the developers announced that the documentation was
going to be moved and removed from the module, but Its still there)
- GDM (patch available here [2])
- gnome-panel (docs about fish and clock applets)
- metacity (some docs about creating themes)

Id like to know the plans from the maintainers for these modules
(remove or port the documentation in gnome-panel and metacity?)
Remaining modules in -apps moduleset:

- accercisser (patch available here [3])
- gnome-devel-docs
- gnome-nettol (patch available here [4])
- totem (patch available here [5]
- seahorse

It would be great to review these patches and finish this GnomeGoal
for 3.5.91 release



Javier Jardón Cabezas

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