3.8 "feature": Drop or Fix Fallback Mode


The discussion about features is supposed to heat up next week, but I'll
actually be offline. So I'd like to start discussion on the fallback
mode today.

First of all, go read the wiki page:

It more or less documents the current situation with the fallback mode.
And I'm of the opinion that we can't accept this situation for 3.8

So, the two alternatives I can think of are:

 a) get more people to work on the fallback mode so that it has a high
    enough quality and follows the current vision of the project

 b) do not have a fallback mode anymore (or at least, not the current

(if anyone can think of another option, please raise your voice)

Please note that option b doesn't necessarily mean that all of the
features present in GNOME for the fallback mode get dropped too (this
would need to be discussed, and this is possibly up to each maintainer),
nor that fallback modules suddenly stop to be maintained (although this
might happen if nobody steps up). It's merely about stopping to endorse
as offical the current fallback mode.

It'd be useful to know to what extent people would be affected if we
stop supporting the fallback mode. For instance, last June, Antoine
mentioned that llvmpipe support is not there yet on OpenBSD...

Again, before replying, go read the wiki page:



Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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