Concerning supported_ibus_engines in gnome-region-panel-input.c

Source code hint:

The result of above code is that only the above listed input engines
will appear in g-c-c, unless a magical gsettings key is set.

Wait a minute, who should really determine which engines to use?

I want use RIME!

End User:
On Mac OS X and Redmond OS, there are some built-in engines as I documented in:
But once a user install a "third-party" engine with a nice installer,
she is happy to see that the input method/source list is "polluted" by
the engine and rush to switch to it. If the new engine doesn't appear
she'd upset.
( Unfortunately, on GNOME, the default is that the new engine doesn't appear. )
( Unfortunately, I haven't noticed a curriculum teaching Chinese
inputing based on Non-Redmond OS. )

System Administer:
An organization may have very specific need of input methods they are
going to use. If engine filtering is configurable in run-time, that
can be a feature.

If people want to make remix distribution for Hong Kong. They may want
to include some Cantonese related tables:
Unfortunately, they have to patch g-c-c code to do this.
If people want to make remix distribution for Taiwan. They may want to
include Array, Boshiamy (they are interesting schemes, if you
understand Chinese you can get it).
Again, patch g-c-c code and re-compile it.
If people want to make remix distribution for XXX, ...

Among the modern OS, only iOS is not able to install third party
engines but even though, people still develop third party engines and
user jail breaks.

As I checked Fedora's package database, you currently package
ibus-table-chinese as whole package.
That's wrong way of doing things, please split it as nicely as Debian/Ubuntu.

It cannot be worse than that you try to workaround a Fedora specific
issue by hard-code something in g-c-c.
I say you about Fedora since you already use Fedora 18 in GNOME 3.6 demo image.

For non-Fedora distributions, I'm not sure whether they will follow
your track of installing all the supported engines by default. If not,
the supported engine filtering is non sense.

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