Re: Some points about IM integration

On Wed, May 16, 2012 at 12:05 AM, Justin Wong <justin w xd gmail com> wrote:
> Imagine, just imagine one day a desktop environment named the Kernel Desktop
> Environment (KDE), would be integrated to linux kernel for better user
> experience. U guys argue for kernel should not integrate a DE, then Linus
> Torvalds come out and say:
> If we choose KDE as defualt and unchangable DE of linux, it doesn't make
> linux like proprietary software from micro$oft, because linux will still be
> 100% free software, and will still be developed in the open by the linux
> community.
> Linux is not an OS for tweakers and enthusiastics, it's an OS for users, we
> want to give the choice of using free software to everybodym this is much
> more fundamental form of choice than giving a small groups of users the
> ability to swap out a different DE underneath linux.
> So we cannot leave it up to one linux distributor to combine linux with
> gnome to make a linux distribution that works well for gtk softwares or lxde
> to make it works well for lightweight lovers and so on...
> Mac OS X and Windows both have *only one* DE in there OSs, and I'm happy
> that Linux is catching on.
> We are developing a Desktop *Enviroment*, users can still choose Dektop
> Softwares to meet their needs, the point is , we should use *one single
> enviroment* for better experience, better bug reports and so on.
> The KDE team has been engaged to integrate with linux since linux 3.42,
> because the lack of resource, we can not both integrate KDE and GNOME, we
> cannot integrate 2 different Desktop *Environments*.
Sounds like ReactOS or Haiku?
Linux being the most flexible kernel doesn't imply that every FOSS
kernel should be that flexible. It's free software, you can always
switch or fork.

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