Re: 3.6 Feature: IBus/XKB integration

Hi, all.

I subscribed this list for this thread. As yet another native Chinese
Linux user I'd say I support IBus integration.

When I saw Ubuntu Bug #983254, Unity's IBus "integration", I feel that
it was wrong and I spent some efforts to spread that bug in Chinese
use community.

However, now I feel that such integration is correct. People who find
IBus sucks and able to install and use other frameworks instead often
find origin GNOME and/or Unity sucks for them also.

I guess no one can unify Linux desktop experience in near future. But
if none the camps provides a work-out-of-the-solution, it's just a
illusion of choices. I'm happy to see GNOME and Unity is becoming less
and less "powerful".

Emacs, Perl, Unix, ninjas have 1000 ways to avoid IBus. I don't worry
about these guys. Some people in this thread manage to maintain their
own input method framework :)

Best Regards,
Ma Xiaojun

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