Re: Gnome 3 issues

Le jeudi 03 mai 2012 à 16:56 +0200, Florian Müllner a écrit :
>         That messed up my hands and I can't use mouse.
>         That is why I liked gnome 2, everything could be done
>         without mouse.
> And the same is true for Gnome3 - to navigate to an application, you
> can use
> <super>  <ctrl>PgDown  <tab>  (<tab> | <shift><tab> | <arrow keys>)

Wouldn't it be better to make <right arrow> replace the <ctrl>PgDown
<tab> sequence. When you enter the overview mode, arrow keys are not
used, and it seems more obvious to use them in order to switch between
"Window" and "Application" view.


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