Last GNOME 3.4 Blocker Report

GNOME 3.4.0 will be released in one week.
Later today is HARD CODE FREEZE (but you can always ask the release-team
for exceptions).

This is a list of potential release blockers plus some "should-fix"

This list is not necessarily complete. Feedback, updates, help from
packagers, developers, maintainers, contributors, etc. is welcome.

Please do speak up if some important bugs are not listed here.


Orca commands are sometimes passed through to the application

All buttons disabled. Can not take photo or video.

floating toolbar not working (in Empathy)

There are still references to the "GNOME web browser" on translations
Would require string freeze breaks.

[PATCH] add automatic multi seat support

Trying to add a new language: crash while typing in the search field before the language list is completely populated
Good stacktrace available.

fail whale extension list looks bad
Needs more information and testing.

[PATCH] Need signal matching Setenv dbus method so apps in
initialization phase can update their env too
Five patches available awaiting review for two months now

gnome-session no longer starts desktop files
under /usr/share/gdm/autostart/LoginWindow
Inline patch that needs more work available

Be able to ask for IM account password
Patch reviewed and needs updating; would require okay from gnome-i18n@

Extension loading is broken in 3.3.90
Confirmed by another user

[PATCH] networkAgent: Fix external-ui dialogs
Patch needs another review and commit

[PATCH] Orca doesn't present ""Overview"" name when this is focused
Patch adds two new strings, needs okay from gnome-i18n@

restart by typing ""r"" in the gnome-shell run-dialog 2x in one minute
brings up the ""oops"" window

[NEEDINFO] Gnome 3.0 and 3.2 crashing when disabling wireless
Stuck as no news have been provided. Might unmark this soon.


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