Re: GNOME 3.4 Blocker Report

Le 09/03/2012 12:50, Andre Klapper a écrit :
This is a list of potential release blockers plus some "should-fix"
tickets according to yesterday's release team meeting.

I'm not sure that's the right medium for that but I would like to point those gtk issues as potential "would be nice to address for 3.4", maybe that can motivate some people to help fixing seem ;-)

* GTK smooth scrolling not being optimized:

in practice it makes scrolling generate lot of events and redraw and turns "smooth" scrolling to "slow" scrolling in some way, not sure it's a blocker but it's something quite some users noticed and which reflects on how responsive the system feels

* GTK missing "enter" events on touch devices

The bug has a testcase and a video, seems only the first "enter" event is generated, that leads to issue in menus (no highlighting) after the first entry for example

Those issues are probably xserver 1.12 specific, but most distro to release with GNOME 3.4 should have that version...

Thanks for considering,
Sebastien Bacher

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