GNOME 3.4 Blocker Report

GNOME 3.4.0 will be released in two weeks.

This is a list of potential release blockers plus some "should-fix"
tickets according to yesterday's release team meeting.

This list is not necessarily complete. Feedback, updates, help from
packagers, developers, maintainers, contributors, etc. is welcome.

Please do speak up if some important bugs are not listed here.


All buttons disabled. Can not take photo or video.

[PATCH] Port to GSettings

[PATCH] add automatic multi seat support

fail whale extension list looks bad
Needs more information and testing.

[PATCH] Need signal matching Setenv dbus method so apps in
initialization phase can update their env too
Five patches available awaiting review for two months now

gnome-session no longer starts desktop files
under /usr/share/gdm/autostart/LoginWindow
Inline patch that needs more work available

fail whale triggers too easily

Be able to ask for IM account password
Patch reviewed and needs updating; would require okay from gnome-i18n@

Extension loading is broken in 3.3.90
Confirmed by another user

appropriate for Alt+Tab switcher

[PATCH] Orca doesn't present ""Overview"" name when this is focused
Patch adds two new strings, needs okay from gnome-i18n@

[PATCH] Orca doesn't present the proper role for items on the top panel
Two patches that need review

  [PATCH] Orca doesn't present anything when run dialog is launched
  Second patch needs a review, depends on bug 667432

[PATCH] Orca doesn't present Categories on the Applications view
Both patches have been reviewed, probably just needs a commit?

[PATCH] Orca doesn't present some elements at user menu

[PATCH] Required a way to add accessible states to a generic container
Two patches that need review

[PATCH] Notifications need ROLE_NOTIFICATION so that ATs can identify
and present them
Simple and tested two-liner patch needs review and commit

(dynamic) workspace count stored in dconf
Last open ticket of the "Stuff writing to dconf on first login"

Gnome 3.0 and 3.2 crashing when disabling wireless
Patch was rejected; no news since then

restart by typing ""r"" in the gnome-shell run-dialog 2x in one minute
brings up the ""oops"" window

Integration of keyboard indicator with input methods
Patch awaiting review. Quite complex and new strings so maybe postpone
to 3.6?

gnome-panel crashes with multiple screens
Good stacktrace available; Comment 28 has info how to reproduce

GtkStyle background color regression
Seen by two people; visible in Evolution.

[PATCH] Port to GSettings

[PATCH] Access on unreffed pointer
Patch reviewed already, just needs to go in.


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