3.4 Release Notes time - Help needed!

[Please edit/strip the CC list if answering is needed!]

Hi everybody,

time to start preparing the GNOME 3.4 release notes to tell users,
developers and press what's new and great in GNOME!

This means: We need YOUR help as you know best!

Please take two minutes:
 * What new features does your application/module have?
 * Any usability, performance, internationalization or 
   accessibility improvements?
 * Any very important bug fixes to mention?
 * What are the new things developers need to know?
 * What is on your list for 3.6? ("Plans for GNOME 3.6")

Add anything that comes to your mind to


so we can tell the world!
Linking to screenshots or descriptive blogposts is also welcome.
And be quick as the release is already in 3 weeks. ;-)

Thanks in advance for your help!

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