Re: Prevent screen from going to sleep


On 1 March 2012 09:24, Marco <netuse lavabit com> wrote:
>> Any application which e.g. plays a movie can block the screen from
>> turning off.
> When I  watch movies in VLC  the screen is still  switched off after
> ten minutes. Preferences → Advanced  → “Inhibit the power management
> daemon during  playback” is activated.  Maybe that is related  to my
> problem.

I'd suggest you file a bug against VLC in their bug tracking system.

> Still, my setting should work regardless of the application
> I use.

that's not how it works. :-)

applications can (and should) suspend the automatic blanking of the
screen, if they require it - for instance, video players, or
presentation programs.

adding a potentially damaging setting (you disable power management ->
your display never turns off -> you lose battery juice -> you lose
documents, your backlight gets progressively worse, your battery gets
progressively worse, etc) to paper over something that should be
automatic is not a good use of the setting system, nor it is a good
use of the user's time.



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