Re: Prevent screen from going to sleep

On 2012-03-01 Olav Vitters <olav vitters nl> wrote:

> > I  have  the problem  that  my  screen  switches off  after  ten
> > minutes.  I  tried  to set  sleep-display-battery  to  different
> > values, but the setting is not respected:
> That is 10 minutes of idle time right?


> Any application which e.g. plays a movie can block the screen from
> turning off.

When I  watch movies in VLC  the screen is still  switched off after
ten minutes. Preferences → Advanced  → “Inhibit the power management
daemon during  playback” is activated.  Maybe that is related  to my
problem. Still, my setting should work regardless of the application
I use.

> I think  there are also  settings in gnome-tweak-tool  / "Advanced
> Settings" for this.

I can't  find those. The  only settings I  find are the  “Laptop lid
close…” ones.


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