Re: Python version and jhbuild

Hey Martin.

On 06/25/2012 01:54 AM, Martin Pitt wrote:
> Hello Joanmarie,
> Joanmarie Diggs [2012-06-22 12:30 -0400]:
>> This change, unfortunately, makes jhbuild unhappy when building Orca
>> (and later Accerciser) in an environment which lacks Python 3 versions
>> of the build dependencies. I was hoping it would be relatively
>> straightforward to adjust jhbuild to handle this new situation. But the
>> solution didn't jump out at me, so I asked in #release-team because I
>> didn't want to make their lives unpleasant during next week's release.
> You can put
>   os.environ['PYTHON'] = 'python3'

The thing I am trying to accomplish is not being one of "those modules"
that makes it impossible to do a complete jhbuild without lots of
fiddling. Not so much for myself (I can build Orca just fine), but for
everyone wishing to do a 'jhbuild build' and wander off for a sandwich.

Right now I am one of "those modules." :( And merely changing one's
environment over to Python 3 doesn't work because other modules are not
Python 3 ready.

So unless I'm missing something (which could easily be the case), I
think we either need a jhbuild which has additional smarts to handle
this situation or for all core modules which use Python to migrate to
Python 3. (New GNOME Goal?)

Take care.

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