Re: Python version and jhbuild

Hello Joanmarie,

Joanmarie Diggs [2012-06-22 12:30 -0400]:
> This change, unfortunately, makes jhbuild unhappy when building Orca
> (and later Accerciser) in an environment which lacks Python 3 versions
> of the build dependencies. I was hoping it would be relatively
> straightforward to adjust jhbuild to handle this new situation. But the
> solution didn't jump out at me, so I asked in #release-team because I
> didn't want to make their lives unpleasant during next week's release.

You can put

  os.environ['PYTHON'] = 'python3'

into your ~/.jhbuildrc configuration, then clean up your pygobject
git checkout with

  git clean -fdx

and then rebuild it

  jhbuild buildone pygobject

Then your jhbuild install will have the Python 3 version of pygobject.

Note that this will not clean up the old 2.x version, so if you want
to make sure that this is gone, remove lib/python2.7/ from your
jhbuild install tree.


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