status of xinput2 in mutter


have been playing a bit with touch events in Mutter and though it's
pretty easy to get those flowing (see attached proof-of-concept
patch), I'm not so sure about how this feature could be merged without
breaking current users.

AFAICS the biggest issue is to move from core events to xinput2 for
input events, so grabs keep working. Carlos Garnacho has worked on it,
though that branch needs to catch up with the libXi API as it was
later released:

That branch also adds gesture recognition to Mutter, using the libXi
API directly, but I would be more interested in passing touch events
to Clutter and let plugins handle those themselves using subclasses of

So I would appreciate comments on the attached patch, Carlos' approach
and suggestions on how to move forward with this.



Attachment: 0001-Enable-multi-touch-support-and-make-sure-Clutter-rel.patch
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