Enable accessibility team to automatically receive bugmail on a11y bug reports

Currently accessibility (a11y) bug reports in random modules/products
can only be found by querying for the "accessibility" keyword.

Bugzilla does not allow "binding" an email address to a certain keyword
to automaticall create bugmail whenever a specific keyword is added.

Having accessibility enabled by default since GNOME 3.5, the GNOME a11y
team expressed interest in better notification of a11y bug reports.

My proposal is similar to how most user documentation bug reports are
handled currently (though this is not totally consistent yet either) and
affects many projects using Bugzilla (hence CC'ing d-d-l).

Create a new component for each important (core, core applications?)
product/module in Bugzilla called "Accessibility". 
By default assign any bug reports in this component to a (yet to create)
specific account, e.g. "accessibility-team gnome bugs".
People that want to follow a11y bug reports could add this account to
their watchlist at the bottom of
https://bugzilla.gnome.org/userprefs.cgi?tab=email to receive bugmail.
The "Default QA" field remains as it is (means: a11y reports are still
watchable for the actual module developers, as before).

Currently two Bugzilla products already have an "Accessibility"
component: Empathy and Ekiga.
However, in both cases the default assignees are the Empathy/Ekiga
maintainers and not the a11y team.

The keyword "accessibility" exists and has 973 open tickets in Bugzilla.
For those products (core, core apps etc) that I'd create the new
"Accessibility" component, I'd probably move any reports with this
keyword to the new component. I think we should keep the keyword for
those modules/products that are not core apps.

If there are no concerns (or proposals how to do this in a better and
less disruptive way), I would go ahead with this in a few days.
After setting up the new components, bug triagers and developers should
move new incoming a11y reports into the new "Accessibility" component of
their respective product.

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